The world’s great wine regions are attractive. They look good, feel good and offer great opportunities. All sorts of people travel to these regions: established wine makers, would-be wine makers, wine critics, wine tasters, tourists, and curiosity seekers. Visiting a great wine region can be a horizon-expanding opportunity full of adventure and excitement. It can also be a time of expense and exasperation.

Anyone who studies wine knows a few things: the quality of wine quality varies according to geography, climate, season and technique; famous wines cost more than wines that aren’t so famous; and, finding a great undiscovered wine is worth the effort. Indeed, a huge segment of the population is always searching for that great unknown, a wine just as good as one made by a famous label but a fraction of the price.

We love wine and we’re intrigued by the wine business. By happenstance we’ve lived adjacent to three of the world’s great wine regions: Bordeaux, Margaret River and Sonoma. We know from firsthand experience that each region offers everything you’d expect: wonderful climate, superb geography, and exceptional wine. In each you can tour the vineyards, meet the winemakers and sample what’s on offer. In each you may also confront slick salespeople anxious for your money.

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