Meeting with the little big wines

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It’s been a year since The Little Big Wines popped into our heads. The project is slowly taking shape, maybe a bit slower and more laboriously than we expected. But it’s been fun.

To start, we spent time visiting family, friends and the three locations: Bordeaux, Sonoma and Margaret River. The family and friends part was easy. Finding the right wine makers was more challenging. But find them we did – you can read about our early discoveries behind the “sneak peak” tabs.

With the first visits complete, a second trip has been booked for Australia this April. This is when the real work begins. With cameras, recorders and maps in hand, we’ll arrive at the end of the Australian summer. The weather will be fine, but it’s a busy time in the vineyards. We’ll be there for picking and crushing. We’re excited to hear how the season’s been and what our wine making friends project for the 2016 vintage. Stay tuned!

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