The Book

Meet the little big wines makers of three fabulous wine regions

Médoc in France

Margaret River in Australia

Sonoma in the USA

46404_10200771696149468_1091407301_nIn 2015 we launched The Little Big Wines project. Our objective is to identify the likes of cru artisans in our favorite wine regions, Médoc, Margaret River and Sonoma. A cru artisan is a wine made by a small scale winery, often nestled among the larger players, who develops the craft of wine making. Makers of Cru artisans may follow traditional, new or improved methods to produce quality wines on a small scale. They love making wine and that’s why they exist. They are often entirely unknown and, very often, struggling to make a name.

Our objective  is to give the cru artisans makers a voice. We provide a platform through which they can describe their businesses, challenges, successes and aspirations. Our platform is also a way for the French, Australian and American winemaker to gain recognition and pride for the wine they produce.

The Little Big Wine makers  we will profile are the ones we could find, and the ones that we believe offer wines of genuine quality. We know we’ve missed some, and we know there are more to come. That’s why The Little Big Wines project is a living project: our objective is to revise and update as the landscape changes.

What this Book Is Not

The Little Big Wines isn’t a travel guide. Nor is it a list of the years’ top 20, 30 or 40 wines. Though it is a way for little big wine makers to gain some publicity, it’s not an advertisement. No one has paid money to be listed or profiled. The entire project in every respect has been developed, funded and researched by us. Though we’d love to make money from doing this, we have yet to earn anything at all. We’re doing it because, for us, it’s interesting and fun. We hope you feel the same way.

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